Monday, April 11, 2016

About Me

This is my art. I've been working on it with my class for nine weeks.  It shows all the things about me.  It has my mihi ,whanaungatanga ,definitions for whanaungatanga and manaakitanga, identity and my face art work.

Now lets talk about manaakitanga and whanaunngatana. Manaakitanga is the steps to whanaungatanga, for example  hospitality, protection , partnership ,participation and many more.  Whanaungatanga means having a sense of belonging to a group and feeling like you belong.

If you can not see my Mihi says the name of my Principal  ,School ,my first name ,my last name ,teacher ,my classroom number and my age number.

If you also can not see my work is in different sections.  My mihi top right corner ,my identity in the top left corner ,my face artwork in the right bottom corner ,my definitions left corner and the whanaungatanga art in the middle.

Thank you for reading my post please leave a comment .

Sincerely Sonia    

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