Monday, June 27, 2016

Matariki Celebration

In my class we have been doing mānu tukutuku( kite making )for our school Matariki celebration, every class is doing something different.  Every year māori people celebrate Matariki.  Matariki comes in late may and early June, they are also known as the seven sisters.  Matariki is the māori new year they celebrate it all across New Zealand.  My teacher put us into groups my buddy is Ben

Now let's talk about the celebration and what they do.  They have feast, they make mānus, they play knuckle-bones and do kapa haka.  And to celebrate our school is having a Matariki celebration and I wish I had been there.  

The materials we used toe toe, raupō and wool for a modern contemporary look.  We used a black piece of paper and a design to cover up the gap at the top.  We got the toe toe and raupō from the hill across the road from our school.   

We also had to show tikanga.  Tikanga it is about respect, culture and why we do what we do.  We also do it to show respect to the plants and this is how to do it, after you have use the plant cut it up into small pieces and put it under the plant.  

Now we are talking about team working as a team.  Ben  did the weaving on the left, and I did the right and the middle, he held the mānu while we had a few bumps and we didn’t agree on everything but the mānu turned out great.  

The easiest part for me was the weaving because it's kinda like plaiting hair, and the hardest part was tying it up at the start (Ben did that part) because it was messy.

I hope you enjoined this piece of writing and understand the meaning of matariki.  

Here is our bit of the celebration, we did this with room nine.

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