Friday, October 14, 2016

My Book Review

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My Book Review
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Title: Horton Hatches The Egg
Author: Dr.Seuss
Illustrator:  Dr.Seuss

What I Liked Best: I liked the riming in the story, I think it makes the book more exciting and interesting, because when a word a word comes you’ll be wondering what is he going to rime this word with.     
Storyline: It’s about named a elephant named Horton and a bird named Mayzie.  Mayzie has an egg she has to look after but she is very lazy, so she asked Horton.  Mayzie flew off to have fun.  Hunters come and shoot horton so then he falls asleep.   A few days later he ends up in the circus, Mayzie flies in and finds out her egg is hatching, crack, crack, crack, and outcomes an elephant-bird.
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What I Didn’t Like: I loved every bit.  
What Is My Favourite character: Mayzie because I can relate to her, I would hate to sit on that egg all day while my friends are having fun.  
Would I Recommend This Book: I would recommend this book to people who like poetry, learning new words and people who like reading in general.   

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